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.m. continues now. >> we have breaking news on the new york city marathon. the mayor has decided to cancel their race after criticism. many new yorkers had been complaining it would be insensitive and divert city resources when many are suffering. no word on whether it has been rescheduled. right now, winds of 90 miles an hour and two feet of snow. it certainly created a punch of weather extremes. >> several days later there are more questions about the impact of global warming on our climate. we joined a teleconference with some ocean scientists to find out answers on this. he joins us with more. >> the four hundred year old tree which you see behind me that has been reduced to a stop is another victim of sandy. as you said, some scientists are speaking out about climate change in the role that the place with the super storms and how it chesapeake area will be affected. the tree is one of the evidence markers left by super storm sandy. profs discussed with reporters concerns about future storms. >> unless we solve the climate crisis, we can be sure that a super hurricane fuelled by global
limited train and bus service in new york city. >> covering the nation, the search continues for the man involved in three bombings in virginia. the 25-year-old is wanted for detonating pipe bombs at the homes of his ex-girlfriend and two investigators handling and indecent exposure case. he has been charged with attempted capital murder, manufacture of a weapon of terror and are some. he is already wanted for exposing himself at a shopping center. he is said to be armed and dangerous. >> and illinois mother has been held without bond after a gruesome stabbing left two children dead, including her son. she is accused of stabbing her son and a 5-year-old girl to death inside the home on tuesday evening. according to prosecutors, she stabbed her son and the girl dozens of times and cut both of their throats. she was allegedly angry at her husband for leaving her alone to care for their child. the 5-year-old was allegedly killed because she witnessed the attack on the boy. two people are in custody after a shooting at the university of southern california campus. two men outside a campus ce
't be enough. in new york city alone, more than 60 polling places have been moved or closed because of the storm. officials are scrambling for options. while clean-up crews continue to scramble to get as much done before the next storm, a harsh nor'easter, moves in. >> the core -- the forecast is for continued cold weather for much of the week and potentially serious storm with wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour beginning wednesday afternoon into thursday. >> way to sue for millions still reeling from sandy. >> be we continue to monitor the progress. it's not too bad other than the chilly temperatures. we will work things up for election day. maybe a few showers in the pacific northwest. generally good and whether for election day. this guy's have cleared out and our only weather problem will be the cold. we have temperatures that have been running well below normal. only 30 degrees in oakland. some deep snow pack out there from the storm, so that is keeping things in the 30's. even during the war that the afternoon, in the mid '40's -- that's quite a bit below normal. we're supposed
in baltimore city, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and now to the latest on super storms sandy and the conditions in the northeast. president obama has confirmed a trip to new york next week for a recovery update. this as the latest estimate on destruction stands at $50 billion. that does not include any damage from the latest nor'easter. the number of power outages is down from 5.5 million at the disaster site. -- disaster's height. >> what we want? power. when do we wanted? now. this is a crisis of epic proportions. this is a natural disaster. >> new york governor andrew cuomo has called for an investigation. he is reaping the utility companies, calling them unprepared and badly managed. recent storms like sandy have the maryland public commission reviewing a proposal that would force utilities to harden their systems. david joins us with what the governor has in mind. >> what consumers may find most interesting is this report recommends tying approval ratings to the utility's record of reliability. snowmageddon, a paralyzing storm, cost consumers more than $12 million. hurricane irene was wors
be said for new jersey and new york which are being hit by rain, wind, and even snow. for the second time in two weeks, residents have been warned to clear out. >> jay has the latest from trenton, new jersey. >> the damage and difficulties stretched for miles. >> everybody got hit. >> and it now millions along the east coast must deal with a second storm. >> it is expected to arrive with heavy wind and rain today through tonight and into tomorrow morning. >> a harsh nor'easter has started dumping heavy snow in connecticut. plows have been moved into place. but there is a difficulty in trying to protect an area already ravaged by sandy. hundreds of thousands are without power. in other places, homes and communities have been wiped away. this latest round of weather will likely set back the recovery. >> i can see us moving backwards. people who have power, losing power. >> an overwhelming task of cleanup will become even more difficult. >> we have a lot of stuff in the street. the snow and ice gets mixed with things that are out there. >> the storm is already chipping away travel. flights h
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5